NeCST Specific Target Research Project

Networked Control Systems Tolerant to faults


The aim of the project is to explore research opportunities in the direction of distributed control systems in order to enhance the performance of diagnostics and fault tolerant control systems. This will lead to an improvement in the intensive use of NeCS technologies for the reactivity, autonomy and monitoring of large scale systems. The systems under consideration in the framework of this project can be considered as a distributed network of nodes operating under highly decentralised control, but unified in accomplishing complex system-wide goals. One of the key factors in designing such a complex system is that both the physical subsystem and the control part have to be designed together in an integrated manner. The systems developed in this project will be modular, adaptive, able to operate autonomously, and also possibly be reconfigurable. The implementation of these concepts is achieved by using the technologies of wireless networks, embedded systems, nomad components, electronics tags, etc...

Finally, the main contribution of the NeCST project in the field of embedded systems is to propose different means of improving the embedded component safety. For this purpose, algorithms and procedures will be developed that are able to detect, at an early stage, anomalies (variances or irregularities in the embedded networks and in the embedded equipments) and to switch to the fault tolerant control strategy and/or providing predictive and real-time maintenance.

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Wednesday 11th July 2007

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